Ubuntu Linux 16.04 installation on Dell Inspiron 15-7568 convertible notebook

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I recently had to replace my 2006 MacBook 13 ” running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 after I killed it with a spilled bowl of soup.  Of Course I disconnected the battery and power immediately, and opened it up to survey the damage – It was extensive.  Keyboard, trackpad ruined, main logic board, already badly corroded.  About the only thing that didn’t get to wet was the Seagate hybrid SSD/HD 1 Tb hard drive.  So I carefully removed it and placed it in an external SATA-USB drive case.  At least I could access my work in progress on another PC.

I did a bit of research, and seeing that Dell made several notebook computers that were pretty much compatible with Linux, I settled on the Dell Inspiron 15.6″ convertible notebook, with touchscreen, and 4k display.  I simply installed my old hard drive into the Dell, powered it up, and surprisingly, it booted, and everything was just as it was with my MacBook.  Here is a list of everything that works in Ubuntu:








Keyboard special keys

Multi-Processor support

Lid Closure detection


Basically just about everything works.  You may have to tweak certain settings to fully customize it to your liking, and I’d say the main issue in installing Ubuntu is that in the Dell BIOS, Secure-Boot must be off, and EFI boot must be enabled.  Although I did get it to work with Legacy BIOS boot on, but later I had some trouble, so I switched EFI boot on and it works better.  One last caveat.  The 4k screen is gorgeous, but certain applications display way to small, compared to a standard HD screen.  This is very apparent if you are running Windows 7 or 10 in a VirtualBox VM.  You will have to tweak the display settings to make everything bigger.  In Virtualbox there is a scale graphics slider you need to adjust to max.  I’m sure that given more time, I’ll have figured out how to adjust the graphics sizes on those few applications that need it.



Review of Acuaverde Beach Resort, Philippines

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I have just returned home from my latest trip to the Philippines, where I got to spend time with my fiancee Maricor.  After our trip to Singapore, we drove 4 hours south of Manila to Acuaverde Beach Resort located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines.  Acuaverde Beach Resort

We traveled with 4 additional family members and Maricor’s doggie, as we confirmed with the resort that it was pet friendly before booking 2 rooms.  Upon arrival, we were shown to the outdoor reception area which was surrounded by a moat/pond with koi swimming in it.  The receptionists then poured all of us a glass of tamarind juice with ice which I quickly drank down and enjoyed.  Check in was fast, and they even had the doggie place it’s paw print on a registration form – cute.

My room was the Casa Brisa room 511, and I believe this room to be the best beach-front room at the resort.  Because we had a pet, we were required to stay in the downstairs room, but this room had a nice beach-front veranda with tables and chairs, and even a rear veranda facing the interior of the resort.  There were two queen sized beds, a flat screen TV with cable service.  4 bottles of mineral water, a coffee/tea maker and lots of coffee/tea/creamer/sugar packets.  Ultimately, we just used the red button located bedside to summon room service which provided us with free coffee/tea/water anytime.  Very convenient.  The bathroom was pretty large and well equipped.  The shower had hot/cold water and free toiletries were included.  Shampoo/conditioner/body lotion/toothbrush/toothpaste.  As well as a blow dryer.

The room prices include full-board meals at their buffet restaurant which is located in a tree.  If you wish to bring your pet to eat with you, you can avail yourself of a private cottage at the base of the tree.  We did that several meals and basically you go upstairs, fill your plates and then place them on a waiters tray, go back to the cottage, and a waiter will promptly carry your meal downstairs and serve it to you.  The food is primarily Filipino, but the breakfast buffet also has an omelet station where the chef will customize an omelet for you.  They also have a nice selection of fruits and desserts at each meal.

The Beach is very close to the rooms and is well maintained.  It is also staffed by a lifeguard and a security guard from the morning to evening.  The sand is not very fine, but contains small rounded pebbles, so some might want to wear their slippers or water shoes while on it.  The water is very clean, the waves small, and the water temperature warm and enjoyable.  A kayak is available at no charge, as well as life jackets if you choose to paddle around.  For the more adventurous, there are jet-ski rentals, banana boat rides, snorkeling, and parasailing available, but you need to pay extra for those activities.  They have a small bar area near the beach with a TV, a Foosball and ping-pong table, a dartboard, and board games.  The beach also has a good number of private cabanas for the guests use.  They are equipped with soft cushions, and have curtains which can be drawn, either for privacy, or just to block out the sun if you have had enough.  We ordered our drinks one evening, and the staff delivered them to us at our cabana on the beach, while we watched the nightly bonfire, and listened to the waves.

Overall, Acuaverde provided a very nice experience for our group of 6, and even though the rooms lacked a mini-refrigerator and phone, and they don’t have a pool, the experience was superb, and the staff very accommodating, friendly, and efficient.  I would recommend Acuaverde to those looking for a nice beach resort, or pet owners that want to bring their furbabies with them, or to those that don’t want to charter a plane or boat to get to one of the Philippines other resort islands from Manila.










I will analyze your small business/home office computer network for $120

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I have been asked by many clients to analyze their current computer networks, and provide a written recommendation to them as to how to improve security, and functionality, as well as increasing the network’s speed.  Right now I am offering this service for a flat fee of $120, rather than my standard consulting fee of $120 per hour.  This represents a significant savings to the business.  The savings then can be utilized towards making the improvements recommended.

If your current network is a few years old, there will most likely be improvements that can be made to speed up file transfers, and backups over it.  Call me to schedule your comprehensive analysis today (908) 635-7548

email: karl.lindheimer@gmail.com

Web: http://art4science.com

Small business network support, what is it?

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Small businesses generally lack support from a corporate IT office. The ideal network for such an organization therefore must be straightforward and easily managed. No two organizations have the same needs, and complications will always arise. One of the guiding principles throughout this chapter will be to follow the simplest approach to achieve the desired results.

No matter the size of an organization, it must address the provision of computer support. A small business may have only one person dealing with computer issues-and then often on only a part-time basis. Many organizations hire a consultant to establish their computer environment, and then rely on in-house staff to keep it going.

If you don’t have the time to keep your computers or network up to date, please give me call.  This is what I specialize in.  Visit http://art4science.com for more information

Small office computing has a character quite different from the computing environments that support large organizations, often called enterprise networks. Enterprise networks may have thousands of users, and involve a complex array of servers, mainframe systems, wide-area network links and the like. An enterprise network may serve multiple geographical locations and multiple buildings at each location. It is not unusual for an enterprise network to include several thousand devices. Such a network relies on a backbone network that channels data among locations and local area networks at each site. An enterprise network includes sophisticated equipment that must be maintained by highly trained network administrators.

Smaller organizations have more modest computing and networking requirements. They might have a dozen or so computers and a few laser printers. The network for the small office must allow members of the organization to share information, as well as printers and other peripherals. The computing needs of most small organizations can be met by a single LAN with one or two servers, using off-the-shelf components. Unlike the enterprise network, a small office LAN usually can be managed by one person with only moderate technical knowledge and experience.

While the small office network doesn’t match the scale of its enterprise cousin, many of the same issues apply to both. The design of a small network must be simple, yet functional, secure and scalable. As the business grows, the network must easily expand with it. Even if the scale of the initial environment is small, avoid making technology decisions that might limit your company as it expands.

New website is up and running on own server

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Well today I moved my website from hosting at godaddy to my own web server set up here in my office.  Not only will this give me flexibility in managing the site, it will increase reliability too.  I am using a NAS running Apache2 on a gigabit network to the Verizon FIOS ONT.  Backup is through RAID on 6 TB disks.

If your small business or home office needs computer support, but you don’t have the time or resources to keep your investment up to date or secure, then give me a call.  I’ll be happy to talk with you and provide solutions.  Visit http://art4science.com for more information.

My Philippine Vacation

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Hi Everyone, I just recently got back from a two week vacation to the Philippines to meet a girl I’ve known a year on facebook.  My friend Maricor was so nice and we got along so well.  This picture was taken at sunset at the Canyon Cove resort and Hotel in Batangas.IMG_0482

Homemade lip balm (chapstick)

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Hi all, I’ve embarked on a new project this winter – making homemade chapstick.  I ordered the empty tubes on Ebay for 19 cents each including shipping and I used the following recipe:  equal amounts of white beeswax and coconut oil.  Melt in a double boiler or carefully in the microwave.  Mix thoroughly and add an essential oil (I used peppermint)  Pour into the tubes and let cool.  So easy and economical too.